Buying guidance for Imaging Equipment

The ENERGY STAR website of the USA EPA provides detailed buying guidance information for various types of imaging equipment.
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Printing costs

When selecting your printer, consider the cost-per-printed page. Very few vendors provide such an indication, but generally the cost of toner or ink may constitute 60 to 80 percent of the total cost of ownership. Calculating the cost-per-page in your own situation is very much dependent on the prices of paper and the ink/toner cartridge. Manufacturers of cartridges often provide how many pages can be printed with a single cartridge (page yield of the cartridge). The cost per printed page would then be: paper page price + cartridge price / page yield. This is of course a relative cost-estimation, because the page yield is measured using specific test pages (ISO/IEC 19752, ISO/IEC 19798 or ISO/IEC 24711), which may be very different than the pages you print.

For high volumes of printing, you may prefer products with a toner or ink tank. For low volumes, you may prefer generally cheaper printers using generally expensive cartridges.


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