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If you consider that our activities at home account for almost a quarter of the energy use in the European Union, you can understand how important it is to save energy at home, and fight global warming.  As a consumer you can always save energy, both in activities and in the products you choose to use. The EU ENERGY STAR program can help you in choosing products that provide substantial savings over standard models.

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The ENERGY STAR requirements for computers continue to challenge manufacturers for better energy efficiency in computers. Different computer types have different requirements:

  • Desktops, integrated desktops, thin clients and notebook computers must meet energy consumption requirements for an estimated annual energy consumption;
  • Workstations must meet maximum power consumption requirements;
  • Small-scale servers must meet energy consumption requirements in "off" and "idle" mode.
  • All computers are required to have efficient power supply units.

Save energy with your computer

Computers are often on while they are not actually being used. In such situations, power management is important to save energy. ENERGY STAR requires computer to feature power management functions to put computers into a "sleep mode" after a certain period of inactivity. The computer can be awakened by hitting a key on the keyboard or moving the mouse. Please see

Power supply units plugged to the mains will continue to use energy, even if the computer is switched off. You can save even more energy by connecting it to a power strip. By switching off the power strip the computer is completely disconnected from the mains.

If you have a backlit keyboard on your notebook, consider switching the backlight off or put it in its lowest brightness. The keyboard backlight alone can use up to 20% of your battery life.



Imaging equipment

Copiers, printers, scanners, all-in-one devices, fax machines, and mailing machines are all imaging equipment.

ENERGY STAR qualified Imaging equipment can save much on your electricity bill. Besides saving energy, ENERGY STAR certified imaging equipment:

  • Save paper — certain equipment are required to be able to print on both sides of the page ("duplex printing"), thereby saving trees;
  • Contain limited hazardous substances (lead, mercury, cadmium).



Computer monitors

ENERGY STAR qualified displays include computer monitors, digital picture frames and professional signage displays that meet stringent energy efficiency requirements in On, Sleep and Off Modes. 

Save energy with your monitor

  • Activate the sleep settings on your display. Please see
  • Do not use screen savers. Generally screen savers do not save energy and may actually prevent a computer from entering sleep mode. If your screen saver appears but your display never enters sleep mode, you might try disabling your screen saver. 



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