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This list of "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) is to help all relevant parties in the registration of companies or products with the EU ENERGY STAR program. The answers provided are not legally binding and are subject to a disclaimer. A binding interpretation of Community law is the sole competence of the European Court of Justice. These FAQ cannot go beyond or substitute for the requirements of the ENERGY STAR legislation and specifications as enforced in the EU.


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I can only find office equipment in the database. What about other products?

The EU ENERGY STAR program only covers specific office equipment.
Other products can be found in the US EPA website ( ).

I can't find a specific ENERGY STAR qualified product model in the online database.

There may be several reasons for this:

  1. The product model is not placed in the EU-market.
    The EU-database only lists qualified products placed in the EU-market.
  2. The product model is no longer ENERGY STAR qualified.
    The EU-database only shows products that are qualified under the current specifications.
  3. The qualified product is not yet put on the EU-market.

What happens to qualified products in the database when a new specification version becomes active?

Any product sold, marketed, or identified by the manufacturing participant as ENERGY STAR must meet the current specifications in effect at the date of manufacture of the product. The date of manufacture is the date on which a specific unit is completely assembled.

Products that are only qualified under obsolete specifications and are manufactured after the enforcement date of a new specification, may no longer be carry the ENERGY STAR label, and are no longer shown in the database. They are moved to the Database Archive.

Can products qualified under an old specification continue carry the ENERGY STAR label when a new specifications becomes active?

No. To continue carry the ENERGY STAR label such products must be re-registered and re-qualified under the (new) active specification.

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Company registration

Question Answer

My company is not based in the EU.
Can I register with the EU ENERGY STAR program?

If your company places the product on the EU market only: Yes.
If your company also sells the same product outside the EU, you should register with the US EPA .

What are the costs or fees to register a company as EU ENERGY STAR program participant?

Registration as a program participant with the EU ENERGY STAR program by the EC is free.

My company is already registered as an ENERGY STAR program participant with the US EPA. Do we need to register with the European Commission for EU ENERGY STAR?

  1. If the ENERGY STAR program participant places the EPA-registered products in both the USA and the EU: No.
  2. If the product is only placed in the EU-market: Yes.

My company is registered with the EC as EU ENERGY STAR program participant. Are we automatically an ENERGY STAR program participant with the US EPA?

No. The EU ENERGY STAR program managed by the EC is legally different from the ENERGY STAR program of the US EPA. See also FAQ PR4 below.


My company name has changed. Do I need to inform the EU ENERGY STAR program about it?

Yes, you need to send a new participant registration form to the European Commission.


There are some changes in my company, such as contact persons, email addresses, etc. regarding the EU ENERGY STAR program. How do I inform the European Commission about this?

For changes of official contact persons or (email) addresses, please send a registration form for existing participants to the European Commission.


My company has registered as an EU ENERGY STAR participant, but it is not listed as such on this website.

Only participants that have at least one product qualified under the current specifications will be listed as EU ENERGY STAR partner on this website. Please contact us if your company has qualified products and is not listed.

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Product registration

Question Answer

My company wants to register products for EU ENERGY STAR. What must I do?

First, register your company. Please visit the program participant registration page for full details.

After the European Commission has accepted your program participant registration, you will be notified. Then you can start submit product registrations.

Important: Manufacturers that are already having products registered with the US EPA for ENERGY STAR certification do not need to apply for the EU ENERGY STAR program. They should simply register through the US EPA and indicate that the product is sold in the EU. See also Question PR5.

My company is an EU ENERGY STAR program participant. How can we register our products?

You can submit your product registrations using the most current registrations forms.
Always use the current forms to ensure proper and expedient processing of your product registration.

Can my company register products that are not office equipment?

No, the EU ENERGY STAR program only covers certain office equipment.
If you want to register other product types, please contact the US EPA .

What is the difference between ENERGY STAR registration with the US EPA and with the European Commission?

  1. The US EPA requires testing and certification by EPA-recognised facilities .
    If your products are ENERGY STAR certified by the US EPA, they may carry the ENERGY STAR logo worldwide where jurisdiction does not prohibit this.
  2. For registration by the European Commission you can provide test values from third party facilities or they may be self-certified by the program participant.
    If your products are ENERGY STAR qualified by the European Commission, they may carry the ENERGY STAR logo in the EU-market only. The ENERGY STAR certification from the EC is not acknowledged outside the EU-market.

My product is registered with the EPA.
Do I need to register it with EU ENERGY STAR as well?

If you registered with the EPA that the product is also placed in the EU-market, then no: you must not register the product with the European Commission.

US EPA registered products that are placed in the EU-market are automatically shown in the EU database. Therefore, registering the same product with both the US EPA and the EC must be avoided, as this will result in a duplicate entry of the product in the EU database (and possibly different optional data).

I want to register my products on the website. What must I do?

To be registered on the website, you must become a US EPA ENERGY STAR partner and register your product through a Certified Body .

Can my company register products for the EU through a third party or Certified Body?

No, registration of products for the EU ENERGY STAR program can only be accepted from the EC-registered program participant, not from third parties.

Is testing by an EPA accredited lab required for registering with EU ENERGY STAR program?

For EU registrations, test data from EPA-accredited labs is not required.
The program participant can submit self-certified test data or test data from any third party.

If a product is tested by an EPA-accredited lab or certified body, this will be shown in the online qualified product lists (currently not operational yet).

What are the costs or fees to register a product with the EU ENERGY STAR program?

Product registration with the EU ENERGY STAR program by the EC is free.

I'm an OEM and provide products to other companies. Can I register these products on behalf of these companies?

No. Registration by proxy is not accepted by the European Commission. As these companies put the products on the market themselves, they should become program participants and register the products themselves.


Can a testing organisation or other third party register my products for me?

No. Registration by proxy is not accepted by the European Commission.

Can my company register products from other brands?

If your company owns those brands or your company has a license to carry them, then yes.
If the brands are not your property or you are not licensed to use them, then no.

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Question Answer

Where can I find the ENERGY STAR requirements for the EU?

The currently active specifications for the EU are listed on the Specifications page.

The US EPA has newer versions of the specifications than listed on this website. Why is that?

For specifications to become active in the EU, first a legal procedure for adoption of the specification by the EU is required. This can take some time.

What happens to qualified products in the database when a new specification version becomes active?

Products that are qualified under obsolete specifications may no longer be called "ENERGY STAR qualified", and are no longer shown in the database. They are placed in the Database Archive.

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Public procurement

Question Answer

Do products need an ENERGY STAR label for public procurement?

If your organisation is required to meet Regulation EC No 106/2008 , then products must comply with the requirements of the ENERGY STAR specifications. This means that your organisation can consider ENERGY STAR-compliant products that are not officially registered as ENERGY STAR qualified.

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Marketing and copyright

Question Answer

My company is registered as a Participant. How can I get the ENERGY STAR logo?

Registered Participants can contact us to request the ENERGY STAR logo.

I am not a registered Participant. Can I use the ENERGY STAR logo?

ENERGY STAR is a service mark and owned by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). The US EPA, as owner of the ENERGY STAR marks, has registered the marks in the European Community as Community Trade Marks. Proper use of the ENERGY STAR logo is strictly enforced and use the logos must be in compliance with the ENERGY STAR Identity Guidelines.

Anyone educating consumers about ENERGY STAR (such as the media, environmental organizations, or writers) may obtain permission to use the ENERGY STAR logo in the context of reference to energy efficiency. Please refer to the US EPA for more information about obtaining permission New window.

When may I begin to market my product as ENERGY STAR qualified?

Participants may begin to market products as ENERGY STAR qualified as soon as they receive written notice from the EU ENERGY STAR registration, that the product meets the ENERGY STAR specification.

My EOL products have been ENERGY STAR qualified in the past. Can I still list them as ENERGY STAR qualified (on my current website, new brochures, etc.)?

If End-Of-Life products only meet obsolete ENERGY STAR criteria but do not meet the current specification criteria and/or are also not qualified to the new specification, then they may not be marked as ENERGY STAR qualified.

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