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Besides the usual office equipment such as computers, monitors and imaging equipment (printers, scanners, etc.), the ENERGY STAR program is also applicable to 'less visible' office products such as uninterruptible power supplies and servers. As these products are practically active 24 hours a day, be sure to consider them in your energy consumption plan or procurement.

The easiest way to find ENERGY STAR certified office equipment is through the online EU ENERGY STAR database. There you can find ENERGY STAR qualified products that are available in the European Union.


Required for EU institutions, central Member State government authorities and public organisations

With the impact of energy consumption on global warming in mind, all EU institutions, central Member State government authorities and public organisations are required to purchase office equipment with energy efficiency requirements that meet the specifications of the ENERGY STAR program. In other words, these are products that do not necessarily need to carry the ENERGY STAR label, but they must meet the ENERGY STAR specifications. The product database in this website lists office equipment that are qualified and registered as meeting these specifications.

The efficiency requirement towards EU institutions and Member State governments are laid down in Article 6 of Regulation EC No 106/2008 (public works contracts, public supply contracts and public service contracts), and in Article 7 of Directive 2004/18/EC (energy efficiency requirements not less demanding than those defined in the ENERGY STAR program). Depending on the specific procurement rules in each country, the labelling of the proposed products or a self-declaration confirming requirements not less demanding or a declaration by a third-party having tested the product may be accepted.

Article 6 of Directive 2012/27/EU [9] (the "Energy Efficiency Directive") has then extended purchasing rules by public bodies: where a product group is covered by an Energy labelling regulation, the highest energy efficiency class should be purchased. For office equipment products covered by the EU-US ENERGYSTAR agreement, criteria as in article 6 of the above mentioned Regulation EC No 106/2008 shall be used.


Other organisations

Of course, other organisations can also benefit greatly from office equipment that have earned the ENERGY STAR. Many schools, universities, associations, retail chains and other businesses have already made this smart choice, and saved on energy and their energy bills. The greater the number of ENERGY STAR certified equipment in your organisation, the greater the impact. Our energy calculator can give you an indication of the energy saved.


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