For registering companies

Whether you're a manufacturer, retailer or customer, your organisation can share in the success of ENERGY STAR by joining the EU ENERGY STAR program and becoming an EU ENERGY STAR Participant.
This means you can use the ENERGY STAR logo to attract customers and promote your organisation as environmentally aware. And last but not least, if you want to count European government institutions as your clients, then your products will need to meet ENERGY STAR criteria.


Manufacturing Participants

  • Sell equipment which is ENERGY STAR compliant, with this capability activated.
  • Provide ENERGY STAR information to retailers and customers.
  • Promote their involvement in the ENERGY STAR programme.

The use of the ENERGY STAR logo on products and promotion materials are described in the Guidelines for Use.



The EU ENERGY STAR qualified product database the single point of information of ENERGY STAR qualified office equipment in the EU-market. It is the easiest way for buyers to find compliant products, and therefore the easiest way for manufacturers to offer their compliant products.

Also, EU institutions and central Member State government authorities are required by EU Regulation No 106/2008 to use energy efficiency criteria no less demanding than those defined in the ENERGY STAR programme when purchasing office equipment.



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